Penn State Assistant Destroys Twitter Troll Over Comments On Family

Too often, people have keyboard muscles in our social media world. They hide behind Twitter handles to say whatever they think makes them cool, knowing they don’t have to answer for them in the real world. All the while, they wouldn’t have the courage to say the same things to the person’s face.

Penn State assistant coach Herb Hand encountered that first hand and handled it the way it should be done. First, Hand posted a picture of his daughter doing volunteer work in Haiti (you know, the same thing these trolls would never do):

Then, some idiot decides he would try to make a comment on the girl’s appearance (showing how much of a “man” he really is, picking on a teenage girl):

That’s right … he’s such a “man” his account was deleted shortly afterward. Hand, being the great father that he is, didn’t let that go quietly:

@PedState2016 I’m sure that makes you feel great about yourself & normally I don’t respond to cowards like you but I’d love to kick your ass

— Herb Hand (@CoachHand) July 18, 2015

Kudos to you, coach. I understand you don’t condone violence, but you also don’t condone people talking and about your family. You are the real man.

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