Steve Spurrier Takes Back Offense’s Reins, Will Call All Plays

Popular coach back in charge

After an abysmal 2014 campaign, Steve Spurrier has decided to take back the reins to South Carolina’s offense. The Head Ball Coach will once again be handling all offensive play calling duties, which is just the way it should be. I mean, who wants to watch a Spurrier-coached offense without the HBC calling the shots? It should always be ride or die with Spurrier.

Taking back the reins

The Gamecocks general addressed reporters after South Carolina’s practice on Tuesday by stating, “I plan to be the play caller again. I did delegate at times last year, but I usually took over before the game was over. But I certainly plan on doing it, and I’ll be ready to do it, and go from there.” Not exactly bad words to hear from the storied coach. The guy has been very successful throughout the years, and nobody doubts that he is as full of football know-how as anyone else. Couple that with the downright terrible season they had last year, and any kind of change is a good thing.

Head dog still wants advice

Spurrier will still lean on his assistant coaches for advice, but unlike last year he will be the lone man in charge of the Cock N’ Fire attack.“We’re always doing that. I’ve done that since I’ve been here, take suggestions here and there, especially on the run game, at times,” said Spurrier. “But not always. Not always. I listen to them, but I don’t always go with the suggestions, which is expected.”Spurrier only has a few more seasons left, so it’s only right for him to be the man win the trigger in his hands. This isn’t the only thing that has garnered headlines from Spurrier recently. His advocating for the removal of the confederate flag is all the talk too.

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