VIDEO: Fan, Fast Food Chain Give Hilarious Messages to Steve Spurrier Following Retirement

As the news broke late Monday evening, many people couldn’t believe their ears: Steve Spurrier, who some feel completely changed the game of college football with his high flying offense at Duke, Florida and South Carolina, was retiring from his job as head coach of the Gamecocks effective immediately.

Across the country, former players and coaches gave their love and support for the man who gave many of them fits during their relationship with Steve. It didn’t just stop there, as fans also showed their gratitude toward Spurrier.

One, in particular, went next level and made this video done to the tune of Elton John’s “Candle In The Wind” … with a few changes for comedic value:

To go along with that, the Arby’s restaurant chain (Spurrier’s favorite spot following his appearances at SEC Media Days) gave a funny message about the decision:

You’ll certainly be missed, HBC.

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