Abby Wambach Lip-Syncs Whitney Houston’s “Always Love You”

Do you know that feeling you get when you’re watching soccer and team U.S.A. is actually playing well? This intense, monumental wave of patriotism just washes over you.

It just consumes your entire mind, body, and soul. It’s sort of similar to when your favorite song comes on, and you are just overtaken with an intense emotion that leads to you belting out every lyric with the perfect tone and inflection.

Lip syncing and United States soccer… they’re an unusual couple but still very fun.

Do you know what’s even more fun? Watching the star of the United States’ Women’s Soccer team, Abby Wambach, lip syncing Whitney Houston’s “Always Love You” on the team bus — because she can.

Ask and you shall receive. Video evidence of @AbbyWambach belting out Whitney Houston on the bus earlier today.

— U.S. Soccer WNT (@ussoccer_wnt) June 20, 2015

So, what you’re telling me is not only does Wambach hit goals with flawless effort, but she hits (pretend) notes with flawless effort as well? Wambach really can do it all.

I  mean, it’s not like we all don’t love us some Whitney Houston on at least a semi-consistent basis. But Wambach earned all of the cool points for that little rendition.

[Sporting News]

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