Twitter Reacts To OTL Report Florida Gators Had Most Criminal Suspects 2009-2014

If you haven’t been on the Internet at all today, you probably haven’t heard about the report from ESPN’s Outside The Lines regarding the top-10 schools leading in most criminal suspects from 2009 to 2014.

If you have really ignored social media today, you probably missed the headline of that report which pronounced the Florida Gators as the leader of the bunch.

During that time period, the Gators had 80 players listed as criminal suspects with 25 of them being repeat offenders. But with all the hatred the Florida State Seminoles have gotten over the past couple of years for criminal mischief, you can imagine why a lot of FSU fans are more than just a little outraged with the negative connotations connected to their beloved Seminoles — especially now that their arch rival is statistically worse.

And they say TPD is corrupt… OTL: Florida Gators had most athletes as crime suspects from 2009-14

— Eric Radefeld (@EricRadefeld) June 14, 2015

But #FSU players are all bad though… GTFOH! OTL Report Shows Gators Riddled With Criminal Suspects –

— A.J. Hardwick (@ImNotTheRealAJ) June 14, 2015

Here’s to the Idiots acting #FSU is the only school covering up for athletes. @UF @MichelleDBeadle @espn

— Matthew Redford (@MttRdfrd) June 14, 2015

But but but… Criminoles doe just stfu forever please

— Jay-B *2 More Wins* (@jbrading) June 14, 2015

And then some other still hold it against FSU.

Nothing surprising about that OTL report. They got good attorneys, not bailed out by the police force like FSU.

— Tyler Seabiscuit (@SecondToNONE8) June 14, 2015

This OTL report on FSU and UF athletes avoiding legal prosecution is INSANE, yet entirely believable.

— 1st Team All-Defense (@rachelRACH10) June 14, 2015

Oh, and there are also a few Miami Hurricanes who are just sitting on the side sipping iced tea while casually turning away.

I’ll just post this right here and walk away. #canes #miami #TheU

— Kettelyne S. Jozil (@KettelynSabrina) June 14, 2015 #FSUseminoles and #FLAgators =criminals @MiamiHurricanes @CanesFootball @hurricanes #TheU

— BrianCB (@GivenToFly1228) June 14, 2015

This definitely isn’t a good look for the Gators, and even their involvement with athletes being criminalized doesn’t absolve FSU from the issues leaking out of Tallahassee.

It’s not about which school is less likely to start a criminal on Saturday, guys. It’s about morality and not breaking the law.

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