Florida Gators Football Program Valuation Is Tops In SEC

Despite a recent spell of mediocrity, the Florida Gators football brand is soaring. According to a recent release from The Wall Street Journal, Florida’s football program has a valuation of $815,420,000, good for fifth-best out of all the programs in the nation.

Perhaps most surprising is that Florida topped all of its Southeastern Conference brethren. Alabama was the next SEC program listed – No. 7 in the nation with a $760,550,000 valuation – followed by Georgia and LSU.

The valuations are updated yearly by Ryan Brewer, a finance professor at IUPUC. Brewer uses the following data to formulate his rankings.

To compile the numbers, Brewer analyzed each program’s revenues and expenses and made cash-flow adjustments, risk assessments and growth projections for each school. The resulting figures represent what the teams might fetch if they could be bought and sold on the open market like professional teams.

Essentially, while Florida may not pull in the revenue that Alabama does, its cash-flow and growth projection are better. If an individual were to purchase the Florida Gators football program as if it were a professional team, that person would assume less risk.

Below are all the valuations for the SEC.

Florida (5) – $815,420,000
Alabama (7) – $760,550,000
Georgia (8) – $710,900,000
LSU (9) – $659,180,000
Tennessee (13) – $437,120,000
South Carolina (14) – $421,980,000
Texas A&M (17) – $382,140,000
Auburn (19) – $340,350,000
Arkansas (20) – $327,750,000
Ole Miss (32) – $226,860,000
Kentucky (35) – $217,450,000
Missouri (51) – $115,110,000
Mississippi St. (54) – $108,640,000
Vanderbilt (68) – $59,060,000
And for a comparison with Florida’s arch-rival, Florida State, the Seminoles are currently valued at $325,740,000 – or 2.5 times less than the Gators.

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