Jim McElwain Doesn’t Believe In Fining His Players

Jim McElwain seems to be a good fit for the Florida Gators’ football team. In his short time with the Gators, McElwain orchestrated a top-20 recruiting class in 2015 and is already working on building an even better recruiting class for 2016.

McElwain has Gators fans excited about the possibility of being relevant in college football again — something fans barely tasted while Will Muschamp was the head coach at Florida.

But with all the excitement in Gainesville, Fla., McElwain is bound to run into some bumps in the road. It happens to everyone. As much as he’s smiling now, a time will come when McElwain’s mood could shift. Players break the rules sometimes, and McElwain will have to deal with those moments when they come.

Though we now know there’s no way he’d fine his players. Apparently, Virginia Tech is all about fining their players for transgressions. The Hokies’ fine structure leaked, and it includes monetary penalties and a loss of tickets.

And apparently Tommy Tubberville is considering implementing a fine structure at Cincinnati as well. Yeah, well, McElwain doesn’t believe in it.

Honestly, these athletes are still college kids. Most of them won’t be getting huge paydays and playing in the NFL when their college careers are over. Leave that money to them. There are other ways to discipline them.

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