Dear FSU, The SEC Still Owns You

Oh, Florida State. Win a championship and all of a sudden the rest of college football’s history ceases to exist. The SEC sucks. You’re No. 1. Woo!

Lest you forget the years upon years of lackluster football in the 2000s.

You won the championship, that’s a given, and much respect for the accomplishment.

But a “You Can’t Spell Second With The SEC” t-shirt? If you’re going to trash talk (it’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?) like that, I hope you’re ready for a little curb check.

Our friends @AllKindsWeather put together this graphic, which features FSU’s all-time record against SEC teams.

Go ahead, Noles, take a gander.


Florida State is batting well below .500 all-time against the SEC, and holds the advantage over only three teams: LSU, Mississippi State and South Carolina. Tennessee is a wash at 1-1, but the following programs all own a winning record over the Seminoles: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky (KENTUCKY?!) and Ole Miss. But yeah, go ACC.

When you step out of the 2013 season vaccum, the Southeastern Conference is SECond to none.


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