Karlos Williams Has Not Been Suspended By FSU

Sports talk host Rick Ballou of 1010XL has had an interesting Friday. Early in the afternoon, Ballou broke news that FSU running back Karlos Williams had been suspended, only to recant that statement after talking with Florida State officials. From there, Ballou spent time covering his tracks and apologizing to Williams.

Told Karlos Williams will be suspended. #FSU

— Rick Ballou (@Ballou1010xl) October 24, 2014

Told its a violation of team rules for Williams. I know what it is, we will see if Jimbo addresses it or takes privacy route.#FSU

— Rick Ballou (@Ballou1010xl) October 24, 2014

Just talked with FSU higher ups who flat out deny that Williams will be suspended. #FSU — Rick Ballou (@Ballou1010xl) October 24, 2014

If that’s the case I apologize to Karlos Williams. #FSU — Rick Ballou (@Ballou1010xl) October 24, 2014

This morning I was told about possible suspension, I immediately contacted FSU. Was told from second source it would happen

— Rick Ballou (@Ballou1010xl) October 24, 2014

Seconds after my tweet FSU called and said I was wrong. #FSU

— Rick Ballou (@Ballou1010xl) October 24, 2014

Both sources have been right virtually every time. Therefore, I went with it. I take full responsibility for it. #FSU — Rick Ballou (@Ballou1010xl) October 24, 2014

Talk about turning casual Friday into stressful Friday.

*UPDATE* Jimbo Fisher was not pleased with the false report when addressing it during Friday’s press conference.

Jimbo Fisher on reports of Karlos Williams suspension: “There’s another false report. It’s amazing.”

— Tim Linafelt / FSU (@Tim_Linafelt) October 24, 2014

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