Mike Gundy Makes Crazy Claim About Playing LSU In 2011

Don’t mind Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, he’s just out here lighting offseason fires under LSU fans (and all the SEC by process of Southeastern Conference osmosis) …

If OSU’s 2011 Big 12 championship team had been matched with LSU in the BCS title game, Gundy said, “I don’t think there’s any question that we would have won by three touchdowns. … We could score with anybody.”

Bazooka. Fired.

Gundy dropped that little sack of fun during a recent interview with Tulsa World, where he discussed his excitement for a future with the Cowboys by revisiting the past.

Gundy’s team went 12-1 in 2011. They were destined for a national championship appearance, but then the big, bad Iowa State Cyclones destroyed any and all hopes of a title game bid. That Iowa State team finished 6-7.

Had the Cowboys beaten Iowa State, waiting would have been the undefeated LSU Tigers and an absurdly stacked defense. There were a total of 10 LSU defenders drafted in the first three rounds that year. LSU rode a perfect regular season and SEC Championship to the title game, but was upended by rival Alabama in their second meeting of the season.

Thanks to Oklahoma State losing to a sub-500 team, we’ll never know if they could have beaten LSU by three touchdowns. Twitter has an idea though …

All have some of whatever Mike Gundy is drinking/smoking/snorting. Sounds like it’s a good time.

— KJH (@KJHolley25) April 29, 2015

Why is there chatter about whether OSU would have beaten LSU in 2011? Who cares? OSU lost to ISU, didn’t deserve to be in the game.

— Bobby T (@modbobbyt) April 29, 2015

@CoachGundy 3TD win vs #LSU in ’11? #reallyaman?? — peanut butter (@LSUPETERadams) April 29, 2015

Your comments about 2011 have literally ruined my morning, Mike Gundy. It wouldn’t have even been close. — David Helman (@HelmanDC) April 29, 2015

Mike Gundy is an idiot if he really believes they would’ve beat LSU by 3TDs back in 2011, much less even beat them at all.

— Brandon Gipe (@BrandonGipe28) April 29, 2015

So Mike Gundy says Ok State would’ve beaten LSU by 3 TDs in 2011. It’s just too bad they didn’t beat a 6-7 Iowa St team by 3 touchdowns.

— MG (@MatthewG918) April 29, 2015

“Mike Gundy, had Oklahoma State met LSU for the 2011 national championship: We would have won by 3 touchdowns” Too bad you choked to Iowa St — CoachD (@CoachDedmon) April 29, 2015

Mike Gundy is 40. A man. And forever butthurt. RE https://t.co/0wq3B5txM4 RE https://t.co/AZQOMhhMtc — Michael Cody (@MichaelCody1) April 29, 2015

Go hypothetically big or go home, right Gundy?

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