Memphis Baseball Player Completes The Best Play Of The Season

Okay…you’re going to need to pay extra attention to this play you’re about to see. We take you to Clearwater for the quarterfinals of the American Athletic Conference baseball tournament featuring the Memphis Tigers and the USF Bulls.

So here we are, bottom of the sixth with the game tied at one and a runner on second for the Tigers. With one out, Memphis’s Brandon Montgomery hits one to the gap her shortstop, where a nice play was made. And then, this happened:

Want to see a crazy play?? Watch @memphisbaseball score on a wild one #SCTop10

— The American (@American_Conf) May 22, 2015

This play needs to be shown to every little league team and high school team across the country. Hell, show it to college teams and those in the MLB. Why? Because this play is the classic example of why you always have to keep your head in the game. The Bulls acted like the play was over instead of making sure it actually was.

The Tigers would win the game 4-1 before getting blown out in Saturday’s semifinals by Houston. But that play made the whole weekend worth the trip to the Tampa Bay area.

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