Michigan Wolverines Might Wear All-White Uniforms On Road This Season

If you’re Jim Harbaugh, getting ready to begin your tenure with the Michigan Wolverines, you want everything to be perfect, right? You want your team to be locked in and concentrated on the task at hand when you travel to Utah on Sept. 3.

And if your players are going to be hyped up and ready to go, everything needs to be on point. The pre-game meal needs to taste amazing. The game film needs to be clear and to the point, so everyone is on the same page. And there’s no way in hell the bus can be late. That’s just unacceptable.

Oh, and there’s one more thing. The uniforms have to be perfect — totally serious. When players look and feel like champions, they play like champions. It’s a simple rule to follow and typically applies to most football players.

That could be why the Wolverines are expected to rock brand-new road uniforms — all-white uniforms to be exact.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Harbaugh did request this uniform be used for road games. The all-white look can be pretty intimidating. It stands out on the football field.

Honestly, I feel like most monotone uniform combinations are going to come off very sleek and badass, but you just know the Wolverines are going to feel immortal walking out in those bad boys.

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