VIDEO: Notre Dame Players Have Fun With ‘Trick Shot Monday’ Battle

With the 2015 season opener just days away, one would think that the members of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team would be focused on their first game against the Texas Longhorns. And while there may be some concern, it didn’t get in the way of a tradition in the ND family:

Trick Shot Monday!

Several players on the team got together for the 2015 season premiere of the team favorite web series. This week, members of the team head to their barber shop (that’s right … the Notre Dame football team has its own barber shot) and tried to trick shot a ping pong ball through an object and into the small cup below:

That’s right, football fans. This is a team that is projected by some to make it to the College Football Playoff, and they are going nuts over a ping pong ball going into a small cup. You can tell the pressure hasn’t gotten to them yet.

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