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The address and phone number for Ohio Stadium is 411 Woody Hayes Drive, Columbus, OH 43210, 614-292-6330.

Aisle Traffic/Section Entry
Guests are urged to arrive at their seats well in advance of kickoff. As a courtesy to other guests, please remain at your seat until the play has ended.

Alcohol Policy
Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in Ohio Stadium. Guests identified with alcohol inside the stadium may be ejected and will have the alcohol confiscated.

Possession and consumption of alcohol are subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Ohio and/or City of Columbus which state, among others: No person shall have in the person’s possession an opened container of beer or intoxicating liquor in any public place.

Law Enforcement Officers enforce all applicable laws.

Complete State of Ohio and The Ohio State University Alcohol Policies can be found by clicking on the appropriate links.

ATMs are located throughout the stadium at the following locations: 4A and 5A.

Auto Assistance
As a service to Ohio Stadium guests, limited complimentary vehicle assistance may be available in any campus parking lot or garage. Service is available before, during and up to one hour after any event. Please contact Transportation and Parking at 614-292-5148 for assistance on game days.

Baby Changing/Nursing Mothers
Most of the restrooms in Ohio Stadium are equipped with diaper-changing tables. For private accommodations, guests can use specific family restrooms located near sections 9A, 11A, 12A, 20A, 23A, 33A, 37A, 38A, 23C, 24C and 19D. Guests may also visit the First Aid Stations located at 16A, 17A, 11B, 12B, 23C, 24C and 32A.

Best Fans in the Land
Please conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Our attitudes and actions not only reflect upon our individual character but also the character of our university as a whole. As Buckeyes, it is essential to initiate and foster a friendly and welcoming environment for all to portray our university with the pride and respect it deserves. While you cheer on our team, please keep these ideals in mind and prove Ohio State has the Best Fans in the Land. For more information, visit www.bestfans.osu.edu.

Bicycle Parking
Recreation and Physical Activity Center is located at 337 West 17th Avenue, which is adjacent to the southeast corner of Ohio Stadium. Bikes racks are located on the east and west side of the building. These bike racks are open to the public, but are not monitored by staff.

Booking Events in Ohio Stadium
The Huntington Club, University Suite and Recruit Room within Ohio Stadium offer ideal banquet facilities for groups of 20 to 220 guests to host your special event. These spaces are available any time except for game/event days, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays of a home football game weekend and holidays. For information, date availability and pricing, you can go on-line and view the Facility Rental Guidelines webpage at www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com or email roth.199@osu.edu.


1. Still cameras with a lens greater than 100mm, any audio and video recording equipment, monopods, dual pods and tripods are prohibited.
2. Images are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purposes and may not be re-sold without the express consent of The Ohio State University. Guests found to be using images for any commercial purpose or found to be re-selling pictures will be asked by The Ohio State University to cease and desist from using the images for commercial purposes which may be against NCAA bylaws.

If you would like to recognize outstanding service or you have an issue that needs to be addressed, you can either:
1. Fill out a comment card or guest incident report which may be obtained at Guest Services Booths at Gate 13, Gate 14 or Gate 38.
2. Contact the Department of Athletics Event Management Team by email at penner.2@osu.edu.
In case of an emergency, please contact the nearest law enforcement officer or usher directly.

There are nearly 125 concession stands located throughout Ohio Stadium. A courtesy cup of water may be requested at any permanent concession stand.

Credit Cards/Buck ID
For your convenience, all major credit cards are accepted at all permanent concessions and merchandise stands. The permanent concession stands in the following locations accept Buck ID: 4A, 3A, 9A, 13A, 15A, all stands in C Deck and South Stands.

Disability Needs
Guests with disabilities can click on this link for more information and to learn how to request services provided for guests with disabilities. (ADA Information)

Public Elevators are located in the following areas of Ohio Stadium:

1. Four public elevators are located on the west side of Ohio Stadium between gates 17-23, which provide access to the Club Levels, and to disability seating on D deck (guests need a green sticker on their ticket to access this elevator to D Deck). For more information on how to get a green sticker, please click on this link: ADA Information
2. One public elevator is located in the South Stands near Section 39 and only provides access to seats in South Stands.
3. Two public elevators are located near section 7 that access B and C Decks.
4. Two public elevators are located near section 10 that access B and C Decks.

Emergency Contact
To contact a person at the game in the event of an emergency, please call 614-292-6330. If the situation can be addressed and resolved, the stadium event staff will attempt to deliver that necessary message. However, using the public address system for paging within the Stadium is reserved only for extreme emergencies.

Emergencies and Evacuation Procedures
In the event of a serious emergency, all Event Staff, Redcoats, Ushers, Law Enforcement and Fire personnel are available to assist guests, including those with disabilities. Information will also be provided over the public address system and on stadium televisions and scoreboards.

First Aid Stations
First aid stations are located throughout Ohio Stadium at 16A, 17A, 11B, 12B, 23C, 24C and 32A. These stations are staffed two hours prior to kickoff and will remain open for 20 minutes after the game.

Game Programs
Programs are available inside the entrance gates on the various concourses.

Gates Open
Ohio Stadium gates will open at 10am.

Guest Services Booths
Guest Services booths are located near Gate 13, Gate 14 and Gate 38. The friendly and knowledgeable staff members are available to assist our guests with potential questions, comments or concerns. These booths are open for business from gate opening until the crowd clears. Our Guest Service Booth staff members are in place to help ensure our guests receive outstanding customer service at Ohio Stadium.

Lost and Found
Lost and Found is located in the north rotunda near Section 1A and remains open for 30 minutes after the game. Any unclaimed items will be moved to the Ohio Stadium Facility Operations Office at (614) 292-6330.

Lost Persons/ Child ID/Locater Program
Any report of a lost person will be acted on immediately by event personnel to locate and return the person to his or her parent(s), guardian(s) or companion(s). Guests should contact any Law Enforcement Officer, Redcoat, Usher or Event Staff for prompt initiation of lost person search procedures. If a parent, guardian or companion is not located, the lost person will be taken to the Police Room located near the elevators near Section 17A for further efforts in locating the parent(s), guardian(s) or companion(s).

Guests with children at the game are encouraged to visit the Guest Services booths located near Gate 13, Gate 14 and Gate 38 to obtain a wristband for their children. An emergency name and phone number can be put on the wristband that would be used in the case of a lost person. Wristbands are also available from Police Officers, Redcoats and Ushers at the stadium.

Medical Emergency
If assistance is needed in the stands, please contact the nearest Red Coat, Usher, Concession Worker, Law Enforcement Officer, Columbus Fire Department Paramedic or go to the nearest First Aid Room.

Authentic Buckeye merchandise may be purchased throughout the Stadium. The Official Team Shops are located at Section 11A and 12A. For additional merchandise, please visit www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com.

National Anthem
The Ohio State University Marching Band plays the National Anthem

Pets/Service Animals
Animals, except for trained dogs or service animals assisting guests with disabilities are not permitted in Ohio Stadium.

Playing Field
Guests may not enter the playing field at any time. VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECT TO ARREST AND MAY BE PROSECUTED.

Permitted Items
The following items are permitted in Ohio Stadium

1. Binoculars
2. Blankets
3. Cameras (still) with a lens 100mm or less
4. Cell phones and pagers
5. Draw string bags smaller than 14 x 14 x 4
6. Rain apparel
7. Seat cushions
8. Small radios with headphones
9. Umbrellas: Guests may carry umbrellas into Ohio Stadium for use before and after the game, but umbrellas are NOT permitted to be opened in the seating areas of Ohio Stadium)
10. Guests demonstrating specific dietary or medical needs (baby food, baby bottle, single serving snack medication or chair back seats) may enter the Stadium at Gates 13, 16, 23 and 26 ONLY.

Prohibited Items
As a general rule, any items that obstruct the view of other guests or that can be used as projectiles, that interfere with the comfort of other guests or are deemed inappropriate/hazardous by stadium security are prohibited.

Guests are subject to visual inspection of person, parcels, bags, and clothing capable of concealing prohibited items. Guests may refuse inspections but management reserves the right to refuse entry.

Changes in national, regional and campus security levels may affect security procedures.

The following items are not permitted in Ohio Stadium:

1. Alcohol
2. Animals (except assistive animals for guests with disabilities)
3. Audio Recording Equipment
4. Backpacks, Bags larger than 14 x 14 x 4, Bota Bags or wine skins, flasks
5. Banners and Signs
6. Beverages
7. Bicycles
8. Cameras (still) with lens greater than 100mm (along with Monopods, Dual Pods and Tripods)
9. Chairs with back supports (unless accompanied with a doctor’s note or unless those provided through Ohio State), Folding Chairs, Portable chairs, Stools, Lawn Chairs
10. Clothing with profane, inappropriate or abusive language
11. Containers (common examples include but are not limited to hard sided coolers, soft pack coolers, ice chests, picnic baskets, cans, bottles, thermoses)
12. Computers
13. Confetti, streamers, glitter, balloons
14. Food
15. Illegal Drugs
16. Laser pointers
17. Markers (permanent) and/or paint
18. Noisemaking devices (common examples include but are not limited to whistles, air horns, bull horns, blow horns, musical instruments, kazoos, bugles, cow bells, thunder sticks, sirens and boom boxes)
19. Sticks or Poles
20. Strollers and infant/car seats or carriers
21. Signs
22. Sports Equipment (common examples include but are not limited to balls, beach balls, footballs, baseballs, lacrosse balls, segways or other motorized scooters, skateboards, and roller blades)
23. Televisions
24. Video Recording Equipment
25. Weapons (common examples include but are not limited to aerosol cans, mace, pepper spray, firearms, including CCW permit holders, fireworks, pocket knives, knives, spiked bracelets, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons, stun guns, squirt guns, super soakers and chains)
26. Wrapped gifts or items

Prohibited Behavior
Examples of prohibited behavior include, but are not limited to: throwing objects of any kind; demonstrating unruly behavior; attempting to enter the field of play; engaging in behavior that endangers the safety of student athletes, coaches, officials or other guests; attempting to climb the goal posts; removing Ohio Stadium turf; and/or taunting event staff, visiting teams and/or public safety officials. Consequences for guests exhibiting prohibited behavior may include, but are not limited to: loss of ticket buying privileges, ejection from the Stadium, and/or arrest. The University reserves the right to not enforce, within the sole discretion of the University, prohibited behaviors based on the interests of public safety, operational or staffing considerations or any other consideration.

Public Announcements
Special announcements on the public address system are limited to medical and police emergencies.

Public Phones
Public pay phones are located near sections 6A, 15A, 22A, 12B and 39A.

Public Transportation/Taxi Services
Taxi Service is available on Lane Avenue near the Riverwatch Tower. More information can be found at www.tp.ohio-state.edu/Events/football.html.

Radio Broadcasts
The flagship station for Ohio State football games is WBNS Radio 1460/97.1 the Fan.

Guests will NOT be permitted to re-enter Ohio Stadium once they leave.

Men’s and Women’s restrooms are located throughout Ohio Stadium. ADA accessible restrooms are located near sections 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, 17A, 18A, 19A, 28A, 33A, 34A, 37A, 38A, 3B, 12B, 28B, 7C, 10C, 11C, 13C, 14C, 15C, 19C, 20C, 23C, 28C, 29C, 17D, 19D, 25D. Family restrooms are located near sections 9A, 11A, 12A, 20A, 23A, 33A, 37A, 38A, 23C, 24C, 19D.

Seatback Chairs
Seat cushions are allowed to be brought into the stadium. Guests demonstrating specific medical needs for personal seatback chairs may enter the Stadium with a doctor’s note at Gates 13, 16, 23 and 26 ONLY.

Security Checks
All bags, containers or persons are subject to search. Cooperation with game management and security personnel will help maintain Ohio Stadium as a safe and secure environment for all guests.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is prohibited in all areas within the gates of Ohio Stadium.

Resale of tickets, setting up a promotional space and/or distributing banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, folders, handbills, leaflets, notices, pamphlets, posters, stickers, or any other written, printed and/or painted materials in or around Ohio Stadium without the permission of The Ohio State University Department of Athletics is prohibited.

Ticket Policies

a. $7.00 in advance
b. $5.00 for groups of 50 or more in advance
c. $15.00 on game day
2. PUBLIC WILL CALL: Located at St. John Arena Ticket Office
a. The OSU Player Will Call is located at the Ticket Office near Gate 7. This area opens two hours prior to kickoff and will remain open until the end of the first half. Individuals receiving tickets from players must show ID and immediately enter the stadium.
a. Football recruits must enter the Stadium through the Recruit Room at the southeast tower between Gates 26 and 32. The Recruit Room will remain open until the end of the first half.
b. Non-football recruits must enter the Stadium at the Ticket Office near Gate 7.
c. Individuals receiving Recruit Tickets must show ID and immediately enter the stadium.

Guests may carry umbrellas into Ohio Stadium for use before and after the game, but umbrellas are NOT permitted to be opened in the seating areas of Ohio Stadium.

Guests should contact the nearest Usher or Redcoat for assistance in seating locations, medical emergencies, or for anything else that might make the visit more enjoyable.

Water Fountains
Water fountains are located near sections 17A, 18A, 18C, 19C and on D Deck. Guests who would like water may request a courtesy cup from any concession stand.

References: Ohio State University, OhioStateBuckeyes.com

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