Imposter Pretended To Be South Carolina QB Connor Mitch For Free Drinks, Hit On Women

If you’re the starting quarterback for your team, life has to be pretty good. Football is a quarterback-driven sport, and that means the popularity is the quarterback’s to lose.

All the guys want to be him. The girls want to be with him. It’s just the natural order.

Now imagine all of the buzz surrounding someone who was recently named the starting quarterback of a school in the Southeastern Conference — specifically South Carolina.

Yes, being a starting quarterback in the SEC heightens all of those incentives. So, you have to imagine Connor Mitch was thrilled to win the Gamecocks’ starting gig. Though someone else was probably a little more excited.

Apparently, there is an imposter pretending to be Mitch to get free drinks and hit on women. As you can imagine, Mitch isn’t happy about it.

I understand the thought process behind the imposter’s gutsy move. Mitch isn’t exactly a well-known figure being that he very recently won the starting position, so trying to spot him in public might be a little bit of a challenge.

I’m guessing that strategy isn’t going to work at that bar again, so he might want to explore some new spots.

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