Tailgating Athens – Georgia Bulldogs

Where To Be 

University of Georgia’s campus, referred to as  the neighborhood,  is where all the tailgating in Athens goes down.  Arrive early, but don’t plan to set up before 7 am.  You will be asked to step off campus until 7 if you start setting up before. Recently UGA has cracked down on tailgating in North Campus, which used to be the main gathering spot. If you are planning on setting up a big tailgate with tents, coolers, and more, don’t head to North Campus. The new area to congregate is just to the north of the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. There is a large quad where tailgaters gather. Most of Georgia’s campus will be covered with tailgaters, however this is the most popular area. The map to the right show the exact location. Anyone can set up a pop up tent here; you just have to be early enough to find a spot. For those of you travelling with a larger set up head to E Campbell Rd which runs along the east side of campus along the railroad tracks.  Here parking is first come first serve, however if rain is in the forecast they usually shut this part down due to the steep hills.  Another place to set up for free is River Rd, just make sure to be there before 6 am because the locals are usually waiting.  If you don’t plan to set up your own spot, buy a rolling cooler and walk north campus, most Georgians are receptive if you don’t come empty handed.

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Family Friendly Tailgating

For fans bringing the family and looking to side step the rowdy unorganized chaos of the tailgates head to the Georgia Center. Located at the corner of Carlton Street and Sanford Drive, across from Stegeman Coliseum, The Georgia Center is an excellent choice for pre-game and post-game food and beverages. On game days, The Georgia Center offers a full service breakfast and lunch in the Courtyard Café, and Starbucks coffee, pastries and frozen beverages in Georgia Java. In addition, The Georgia Center presents a fantastic pre-game buffet in the Magnolia Ballroom. Before and after the game, the Dawg House Lounge offers a great selection of beer, wines and spirits as well as pub-style appetizers and entrées. After the game, The Savannah Room Restaurant offers the best in Southern Cuisines and a full selection of wines.

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Tailgating Rules & Regulations

2011 Changes

  • Tents can come back at North Campus.
  • Slightly bigger tables are also allowed – up to six feet long.
  • And the celebrating can start earlier, five hours before kickoff instead of the four.

Open Container

Athens has an open container law so walking down city streets with an open container is not the best decision.  Campus however is a different story.  It is legal to drink anywhere on campus so drink away.

No tailgating setups before 7 a.m. on Saturday.

  • The University of Georgia is an institution of higher education for more than 33,000 students. No one wants someone partying in their neighborhood before 7 a.m. The campus is the “neighborhood” for UGA students, and we hope our fans will respect that.
  • People will still be able to park cars in legal spaces in advance, and arrive before 7 a.m. on campus, as long as they don’t begin creating noise and setting up tailgate equipment before 7 a.m.

Prohibit unauthorized use of UGA resources (power and cable hookups).

  • Fans who want to watch television or use other entertainment devices that require electricity are allowed to do so as long as they provide their own power and video source.

Corporate Tailgates

Recently, there has been a large number of corporate and “professional” tailgates popping up around campus. In addition to violating both state and local laws, these tailgates take up large amounts of space, pushing others farther away from the stadium and taking up prime tailgating spaces for regular fans. For that reason, those who wish to organize corporate and “professional” tailgates should contact Georgia Sports Properties at (706) 354-4685 for information concerning designated corporate areas. Additional large group parking and tailgating may be available through other private lot owners around campus.

Activities which designate a corporate or “professional” tailgate and are prohibited are:

  • Security – No tailgate can have private security.
  • Bartenders – All tailgates must be self-serve.
  • Commercial Advertisements – Tailgates can not promote alcohol or tobacco products on campus.
  • Physical Barriers – Fences, gating, and other physical barriers limiting access are prohibited.
  • Limited Access or Admission – This includes items such as wristbands, hand stamps and other methods that limit access to public property within a tailgate.
  • Transactions for Service – Sale of services or admission is prohibited.
  • Product Give-Aways – There can be no product give-aways for promotional purposes.
  • DJ – There can be no DJ services on campus.

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