Tailgating Tallahassee – Florida State Seminoles

Where To Be

The Tailgate Spot

Most tailgating in Tallahassee occurs around the stadium and along Stadium Dr on the west side of the stadium. You should be able to find a spot along Stadium Dr, Ocala Rd, or Pensacola St, or in any of the neighborhoods between Stadium Dr and Ocala Rd. Once you park you should grab your tents and coolers and head to the northwest side of the stadium and find an open piece of grass. Visiting fans also seem to congregate in the Leon County Civic Center parking lots directly to the east of the stadium between St Augustine St and Pensacola St.

Indian Village

For fans really looking for a throw down head to Indian Village (423 Indian Village Trail) just across the street from the south side of the stadium. Indian Village is notorious for their ridiculously huge and rowdy gameday parties. Put your drinking shoes on and be ready for some funnels.

The Game Time Spot

Daok Campbell is one of the stadiums that every fan must catch a game in. Tickets are usually cheap and easy to scalp, but over the next few years should become increasingly more difficult to get a hold of due to FSU’s reemergence as a football power. If you can’t get a ticket walk west down Pensacola St and you will run into Mellow Mushroom and further down the road Poboys. Or grab a cab ride to AJ’s Sports Bar off of Tennessee St just to the northwest side of campus.

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Family Friendly Tailgating

For fans bringing the family, FSU offers a Friday night and a Saturday tailgate party for all ages.

Seminole Village @ Langford Green 

The place to enjoy live music, vendors from across the Nation and to receive giveaways. Seminole Village is located just outside the south end zone.  The bands and DJs will begin performing three hours prior to kickoff with the last performance ending 30 minutes prior to kickoff. Between performances, there will be a pep-rally for fans featuring the FSU Cheerleaders and members of FSU Athletic teams.

Friday Night Block Party

The Friday Night Block Party is the official tailgate event and will feature live music along with on site vendors and special appearances! Join thousands of Seminole fans every Friday before home football games from 5-10pm on Kleman Plaza!

For concert line ups visit NOLE ZONE.

Ticket Information: Call (850) 64-GoFSU, 1-888-FSU-NOLE  (Youth tickets are priced for ages 18 and under)

Tailgating Rules & Regulations

Following are rules set by FSU for tailgating during gamedays:


FSU allows the consumption of alcohol on campus on gamedays, however they ask that tailgaters be responsible, don’t serve to underage kids, and don’t be belligerent. Keep alcohol in solo cups just to be safe.

Cooking/Grills/Open Flames

  • Cooking devices and tents must not interfere with neighbors, adjacent parking, or thoroughfare.  The lot will be monitored and we reserve the right to terminate parking privileges for misconduct towards fellow boosters or parking personnel or misuse of the permit, or abuse during tailgating.
  • The use of charcoal at tailgating activities on campus is strongly discouraged, however it is allowed.

Food/Trash Disposal

Do Not Dump Hot Coals in trash receptacles or on parking lot grounds.  All tailgating material and refuse should be disposed of in a safe manner.

Lot Hours

  • Parking lots open at least five hours prior to kick off.
  • No one is allowed to setup a tailgating site prior to the five-hour opening.

Motorized Vehicles

Golf carts, mopeds, scooters, ATVs and go-carts are not permitted in booster lots unless specifically authorized.

Parking Spaces

Fans utilizing booster parking lots are permitted only one parking space per vehicle.

Responsible Behavior

The Parking lot is not a playground.  For the safety of neighboring fans, the tossing of flying objects, Frisbee, ball playing etc. is prohibited.  Similar activities involving skateboards, scooters, roller blades, bike riding, live bands, and excessively loud music are prohibited.


Any soliciting, selling, or free distribution of articles in parking lots without Seminole Booster approval is prohibited.


  • Tents, tables, tarps, or canopies are not permitted in areas that impede foot or vehicular traffic or if they extend into an adjacent parking space.
  • Size: 12′ by 12′ is maximum size permitted in order for movement in an emergency it cannot be staked to the ground.
  • Tents must be made of a fire-retardant material.
  • Sidewalks:  Sidewalks must be left open for pedestrians. Grass area between parking stall and sidewalks may be used for tailgating.
  • During game:  Tents are not to be left unattended during game.  They should be taken down before entering the stadium.
  • Tents Purpose:  must be for fan entertainment only.  No commercial business or display may be made without prior approval from Seminole Booster Inc.

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