Why nobody should question Condoleezza Rice’s committee credentials

It’s old hat by now. David Pollack doesn’t want women unqualified people on the College Football Playoff committee. Pat Dye still lives in Alabama of the 1900’s and may or may not approve of the Nineteenth Amendment. We get it, college football is still afflicted by jockocracy.

If all the close-minded bloviators would step back for a second, they may realize that credibility comes in many forms. In an excellent interview with Stewart Mandel from SI.com, Condoleezza Rice explains her background with college football.

SI.com: What role did you play in athletics during your time as provost?

Rice: At Stanford, athletics actually reports for its operations to the provost — so athletic facilities, athletic budgets, issues of compliance. I actually hired Ty Willingham to be Stanford’s football coach after Bill Walsh stepped down [in 1994]. It was actually not the first time I’d been involved in the hiring of a football coach. Back in 1988, I sat on a committee with a very small number of people that hired Denny Green, including doing interviews with all the major finalists, among whom was Pete Carroll, for instance. He was one of the people we had serious interviews with in 1988.

Maybe Rice didn’t coach or play. But she interviewed Pete Carroll. She Hired Denny Green. She hired Tyrone Willingham, a fellow member of the selection committee, and one with whom nobody takes issue. Oh yeah, and she also worked closely with Bill Walsh, the father of the West Coast Offense, and one of the most brilliant football minds ever. All this even ignores the fact that Rice’s father was a football coach.

Condoleezza Rice even worked on compliance issues, something Pat Dye had problems with. Dye was ousted from his Athletic Director post at Auburn due to severe compliance problems within the program.

Saying Condoleezza Rice is unqualified to be on a selection committee is as asinine as saying people without military training are unfit to be president. It’s as foolish as saying all foreign language teachers should be from the native country. As ridiculous as believing all drug counselors should be reformed junkies, because they have a first-hand knowledge of addiction.

But then again, this is sports we’re talking about. It’s a realm where athletes with no college diploma get hired to run billion-dollar franchises – all because they had a good jumper. Sports are supposed to remove us from the craziness of the world. Sometimes they just perpetuate it.

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