Gators Ride To Omaha In Rolling Stones’ Jet, Which Is The Most Swaggerish Move Ever

However you’re traveling when venturing out for some summer fun this weekend, there’s no way it’s going to top the way the Florida Gators are getting to Omaha.

New radio show coming this fall #MickandMick (Photo Credit:

— IMG College Audio (@IMGAudio) June 12, 2015

Now, there’s traveling to #CWS. And there’s traveling like the Rolling Stones to CWS!

— NCAA Baseball (@NCAACWS) June 11, 2015

Wait, what? How and … why? Well there is a good reason and Scott Carter at Gatorzone has the explanation.

“The Stones played at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta on Tuesday night, and flew to Orlando early Wednesday for their show Friday night at the Citrus Bowl. They don’t play again until next Wednesday in Nashville, so with a weekend off in Florida, the plane was bid out for other charter flights.

The NCAA, in conjunction with an independent charter travel company, arranges flights for the eight schools and their traveling parties to get to Omaha. As it turns out, the Stones’ plane matched Florida’s criteria, was close by and most importantly, available.”

Amazing. Sometimes the stars just align and everything works out for the best. Also, can I get that job at the NCAA office? The one that requires you to call up rockstars and ask to borrow their planes? That seems like fun.

I’m sure the guys on the team aren’t asking any questions because they get to ride around in a jet that belongs to rock legends. Not that they need any extra pep in their step, the team is on its way to play for a national championship after all, but this has got to boost their confidence even more.

Showing up in the Stones’ jet is the definition of swag. Come to think of it, there’s never been a more swaggerish move in the history of sports. Who cares that UF didn’t actually book it, the fact that the head coach saw this bad boy roll into the tarmac and was like boys, let’s ride takes some real cojones. Is there really a need for the other seven teams to even show?

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