Florida vs FSU Head-To-Head Rivalry Isn’t Really A Rivalry

I started out writing a long-winded article on why the Gators own the Florida vs FSU rivalry, but after finishing I decided to do less. Why? Because, really, these numbers speak for themselves.

Scott Carter of GatorZone.com recently compiled the records of all head-to-head matchups across sports in which Florida and FSU have competed. His findings show that not only does Florida hold a commanding advantage, but that it’s really not even close. Out of 12 sports, the only one in which FSU holds the series lead is baseball: 125-104-1. The other 11 sports all belong to the Orange and Blue. When combining all 12 records, the Gators simply wipe the floor with the Seminoles – to the tune of a 493-288-4 record.

So the next time Seminoles try to talk trash, just remind them that numbers never lie.

Football 34-22-2
Men’s basketball 43-22
Women’s basketball 41-29
Baseball 104-125-1
Softball 19-14
Men’s tennis 55-20
Women’s tennis 54-1
Soccer 12-10
Volleyball 36-19
Gymnastics 2-0*
Men’s swimming 53-23-1
Women’s swimming 40-3
Combined record 493-288-4 (.631)

*FSU had a gymnastics team in the early 1970s

Oh yeah, and one last stat line for you (we won’t even get into Olympics or individual national titles):

  • UF: 32 National Team Championships
  • FSU: 13 National Team Championships

Game. Gators.

*UPDATE* The Gators claimed another national title on Tuesday night with their first softball championship.

  • UF: 33 National Team Championships
  • FSU: 13 National Team Championships


Well this one of our most polarizing posts of all time. In fact it received such a wide-ranging reception that it led our college football/basketball columnist Jason Parker to us – he’s an FSU alumnus who wanted to stop the “Florida Gators Crocs homerism” on this site. Kind of ironic to think that our Gators alumnus CEO wrote a one-sided post and it led to the hiring of a Seminole. Gotta love sports and the Internet.

When we posted this piece on Facebook, we posed the following question:

Which team has the more impressive history? Let the debate begin …

There was quite a disparity in the answers. Here are some of the best:

  • Chuck Pellicer: “Florida will lead most of those stats. Hell they were playing football for 50 years longer. Last 40 years have been almost a dead heat. NOLES steady gaining ground. 4-8 of course”
  • Michael Cain: “Fsu ..any team with soon to b 5 different head coaches in the last 15 yrs has a history but no future. Go Dawgs”
  • Marshall Ramsey: “Berra 52-20 all I need to know!”
  • Amg Kodak: “FSU all day….if u don’t Nole, now u Nole!”
  • Tiffany Renee Herrell: “Florida of course”
  • Dusty Shrader: “Florida gators by far fools”
  • Guest: “Butt hurt boles fans always make excuses accept the fact that your school is garbage at sports and Florida own you f***s”

Florida State fans offered up the best responses (by far) of all the goodies, these two pretty much stole the show – one for hating on stats, the other for a gratuitous use of “nut sacks.”

  • David Benn: “Stats are for losers. Who has time to research this garbage? I guess it has been a long offseason for gators though”
  • AshleyandAaron Wellesley: “the gators suck nut sacks!!! they have a good chanve at finishin 5th or 6th this year in sec and afe promised a massive ass kicking by the seminoles again!! the they get watch fsu win it all AGAIN”

A post that brought us a new voice to the site, and then delivered such great comments: no matter which side of the argument you stand on, this one was a winner.

Thoughts on this post and its responses? Sound off in the comments below!

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