Future Florida vs. Michigan game in 2017 leaked?

Could Florida and Michigan be facing off in a regular season game in the not-too-distant future? According to a leaked document, it seems like it could happen.

The Big Ten released the league’s 2018 and 2019 conference football schedules on Wednesday, which you can check out at fbschedules.com. Along with it came a document noting each team’s full schedule.

That document has since been removed, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can still see the PDF here, via The Daily Collegian.

What you’ll notice is that on Sept. 2 of 2017, Florida and Michigan are set to face off in a neutral site contest. Gators AD Jeremy Foley has been steadfastly set in his ways when it comes to future out-of-conference games – other than FSU. He wants them at a neutral site, as evidenced by his comments prior to this season’s Miami game. If the leaked document is real, Foley may be getting just what he wants. The benefit of the neutral site is that both teams typically profit evenly from the contest, as opposed to the home team bringing in far more revenue than the visiting squad.

Add in the start of the College Football Playoff, and you could see Florida, as well as other teams, scheduling more and more of these types of contests.

It’ll be interesting to see if this actually happens, and whether or not the Gators will be traveling away from the comfy confines of the Sunshine State – something that doesn’t happen too often out of conference.

Would you like to see Florida and Michigan face off to open the season?

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