BCS Championship marks 30th anniversary of FSU ‘war chant’ vs. Auburn

The 2014 BCS Championship Game has many historical significances (end of the BCS era, SEC title streak, etc.). However, one factoid flying under the radar is that the game will mark the 30th anniversary of the Florida State “war chant.”

According to Florida State’s website, the war chant started in a 1984 game between the Seminoles and Auburn Tigers.

During a very exciting game with Auburn in 1984, the Marching Chiefs began to perform the cheer. Some students behind the band joined in and continued the “war chant” portion after the band had ceased. The result, which was not very melodic at the time, sounded more like chants by American Indians in Western movies. Most say it came from the fraternity section, but many spirited Seminole fans added the “chopping” motion, a repetitious bend at the elbow, to symbolize a tomahawk swinging down.

It’s ironic that, after 30 years, the chant comes full circle in the national championship game. For the record, Florida State lost that 1984 game to Auburn, 42-41, at Doak Campbell Stadium.

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