Georgetown fan loses three NCAA Tournament bets, pays up like a real fan [Video]

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Reddit user oergetown.

Mr. eorgetown happened to be feeling a little too confident in his Georgetown team prior to the tipoff of the 2013 NCAA Tournament, and he made a huge error in judgement.

His mistake was not, as some might be inclined to believe, actually cheering for the Hoyas in the first place. They were a fantastic team throughout the regular season and, as a two-seed, were looking primed for a run deep into March.

However, his massive error was putting a bet down on one of the biggest websites in the world, Reddit:

“If Georgetown does not make it to the Sweet 16 I’ll do the Icy Hot challenge. If Syracuse makes it farther than Georgetown I’ll eat a lemon. If a Big East Team (that isn’t Georgetown) wins the National Championship my sister will slap me 50 times across the face.”

Georgetown was upset by the one-week-long cultural phenomenon that was FGCU’s Dunk City, Syracuse made it all the way to the Final Four and Louisville won the national title.

Ouch, ouch and triple ouch.

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