Former Florida Gator Billy Horschel Goes Insane After Missing Putt At U.S. Open

It’s been a beautiful weekend for a round of golf at the U.S. Open, but sometimes things just don’t go your way on the course.

All golfers know the obstacles that can arise. Weather is always a pain. Injuries can severely handicap your game as well. Ask Tiger Woods.

But every golfer has been forced to play on a course that just doesn’t agree with them. They’ve been forced to putt on a green that has more dips, dives, and curves than any other green in the world. And every golfer gets insanely pissed off when their putting skills virtually disappear.

That happened to former Florida Gator Billy Horschel at the U.S. Open. Check out Horschel mocking the green after this missed putt.

Billy Horschel is dominating today with his theatrics. Here he is making fun of the #USOpen greens. #Gators —

— Only Gators .com (@onlygators) June 21, 2015

And sometimes, when you feel like nothing in the world is right anymore, you have to let the green know who’s boss.

Horschel made his frustration with the Chambers Bay Golf Course known.

@elkpga… Worst rolling greens I’ve ever putted on. Nothing comes anything close to this week. My only complaint about the course

— Billy Horschel (@BillyHo_Golf) June 21, 2015

It’s a completely rogue thing to do when it comes to golf — hitting your putter on the green. It breaks the game’s etiquette. Horschel wasn’t thinking about etiquette at the time though.

[Sporting News]

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