VIDEO: High School Players Target Referee In Sickening Play

In one of the most disgusting things you’ll see on a football field all season, two high school players are under investigation after purposefully blind siding a referee during a play.

According to Larry Brown Sports:

Marble Falls (Texas) beat John Jay High of San Antonio 15-9. Prior to the play where the individuals targeted the referee with the hits, John Jay players were ejected on separate plays, the San Antonio Express News reports. Their reason for taking out the referee is unclear, but the players were immediately ejected, and the resulting penalties helped Marble Falls extend their possession and effectively run out the clock for the game.

The Marble Falls coach said he’d never seen anything like that in his 14 years of coaching.

It’s a despicable act that warrants a season-long suspension, in our opinion. High school football athletes are big kids and they’re wearing all their gear. To blindside a referee like that, no matter how upset you are with him, is unacceptable.

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