JELL-O introduces college molds for Michigan, Texas, Arkansas and Florida

JELL-O just basically wants college football fans to use their products for jello shots, don’t they?

The company has unveiled trademark moldings for four of the nation’s biggest college football brands: Michigan (sorry Ohio State), Texas (bummer for Oklahoma), Arkansas (how did they sneak in?) and Florida (Georgia fans can’t be happy).

Now, parents can make fun JELL-O mold of their alma maters for barbecues, tailgates and their childrens’ birthdays.

At the same time, everyone else can load these bad boys up with JELL-O powder and vodka, wait several hours, and enjoy en route to the party or game on Saturday.

Call us inappropriate, call us what you will, but don’t call us crazy: We’ll all be seeing these bad boys at drunk tailgates in just a few weeks time.

By the way, JELL-O has termed these “JIGGLERS Mold Kits.” Feel free to enlighten the world with a few witty lines regarding that questionable branding decision in the comments section below.

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