Jerry Jones: Dan Snyder is culturally sensitive because he’s ‘Jewish’

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With each passing day, it seems another famous face is being asked to weigh in on the controversy swirling around the Redskins name. Owner Dan Snyder has been adamant in his stance that he will not be changing it and that it is not intended to offend any Native Americans.

Prior to kickoff of Sunday night’s Dallas-Washington game, one of the most high-profile individuals in sports, Jerry Jones, weighed in on the controversy.

“It would be a real mistake — a real mistake — to think [Redskins owner] Dan [Snyder], who is Jewish, has a lack of sensitivity regarding anybody’s feelings,” told a room full of season-ticket holders, according to‘s Lindsay Jones.

In one fell swoop, Jones managed to stereotype Jewish people, as well as likely anger a whole lot of Native Americans. While we understand the point of his comment, he could have posed it in a much better way.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was also on hand to answer questions from fans. He also sided with Jones, stating that he believes Snyder is “listening.”

“I’m confident that he’s listening,” Goodell said. “I’m confident he feels strongly about that name, but he also wants to do the right thing …

“We want to make sure what we’re doing is not insulting in any way to anybody. Again, I think the Redskins have always done this in a way that respects the honor and tradition and the history of Native Americans. And that’s something for them to be proud of.”

What are your thoughts on the way Jones and Goodell addressed the situation?

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