#JobsForTorts: What should the fired John Tortorella do now that he’s unemployed?

On Wednesday, what had been feeling like the inevitable in the Big Apple finally happened as New York Rangers coach John Tortorella got the axe.

Well, what is he going to do now? More importantly, where are we going to get our regular dose of hate-filled rants against his players and the sports media?

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Basically, we’ve got to find Torts a new job, and fast, so that we can get him back into the public eye in any way possible.

Fans took to Twitter to provide some of their future employment suggestions for the one and only Torts.

Taking customer service calls for Comcast. #JobsForTorts

— Dejan Kovacevic(@Dejan_Kovacevic) May 29, 2013

On a bright note, getting fired opens up Torts to play the Green Goblin in the next Spiderman sequel. #JobsForTorts

— Zach Dooley (@MadDoole) May 29, 2013

@dejan_kovacevic Because he’s so good at it-Manure spreader on a road crew. #JobsForTorts

— Emily Crum (@emijayt) May 29, 2013

#JobsForTorts @markmaddenx‘s pronounciation expert. #Slooooow #Zadino #Zadyno #Choro #Chaira Za-Dain-O Char-Ah #Yay #Yay #SpellingBee

— PixBurghSix (@PixBurghSix) May 29, 2013

Shot Blocking Coach for Team USA’s 4th Line at Sochi #JobsForTorts

— Five Hole (@_fivehole_) May 29, 2013

#jobsfortorts i hear the rangers are looking for a new coa.. oh ya

— Dustin Brown (@notdustinbrown) May 29, 2013

#jobsfortorts Islanders head coach? Then they can go another 30 years without a Stanley Cup! #NYR

— Asher (@ashwisethegreat) May 29, 2013

Tortorella could get a job at walmart. His attitude is just like all the other Walmart employees. #JobsForTorts

— Jon OchoUno (@littlejon81) May 29, 2013

@dejan_kovacevic Reenactor for Investigation Discovery channel #JobsForTorts

— Rippit Up (@Rippit2012) May 29, 2013

#JobsForTorts open a restaurant called Torts Tortillas and he yells at costumers as they walk in. DO IT TORTS DO IT!!!

— Daniel Perez (@SharkManDan35) May 29, 2013

DMV Office Worker. Hed fit right in with the atmosphere. #JobsForTorts

— Zach Dooley (@MadDoole) May 29, 2013

Not a big hockey guy, but does anybody else think they should make a “Kicking and Screaming” sequel starring John Tortorella? #jobsfortorts

— Jared Gosule (@Oh_My_Gos) May 29, 2013

THIS!! “@mikelawrencenj#JobsForTorts GPS Voice Narrator – “I told you to go left – are you stupid?” #nyr

— Brittany Nicole (@Brittanicole) May 29, 2013

#JobsForTorts bartender – until someone doesn’t block the shots being ordered

— Patrick Goodman (@P_GOODZ) May 29, 2013

#JobsForTorts Replacing Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen. No one would ever make the difference. Unless Torts can’t cook.

— Patrick Mercier (@PMercier31) May 29, 2013

@garts2point2 Torts could be the next basketball coach at Rutgers…#jobsfortorts

— Gary Corbett (@GCorb22) May 29, 2013

#JobsForTorts A defense attorney whose only job is to call everyone stupid and swear

— Brendan King (@B_King9) May 29, 2013

#jobsfortorts marketing director for K-Mart. Instead of having tag-lines that sound like swearing they can just use actual swear words.

— Mad Chad(@MadChad412) May 29, 2013

#JobsForTorts 9-1-1 dispatcher.Someone’s stealing your car? You’re such a crybaby.

— Gary Neitzel (@garyneitzel) May 29, 2013

#JobsForTorts Press Secretary, because Jay Carney would be unemployed and I’d never miss a WH press conference again.

— Jack Wilkie (@jrwilkie4) May 29, 2013

Celebrity Apprentice. #JobsForTorts (This really isn’t a bad idea)

— The Sports Hernia (@TheSportsHernia) May 29, 2013

#jobsfortorts next Price is Right host. Have your pets spayed or neutered

— Judson (@SportsLordNYC17) May 29, 2013

Motivational speaker #JobsForTorts

— Hockey Chick (@ChicksDigHockey) May 29, 2013

department store Santa#JobsForTorts

— David Henry (@imau2fan) May 29, 2013

3rd World dictator #JobsForTorts

— Chris Barron (@ChrisRBarron) May 29, 2013

Full credit to @yinzerstuckinoh for this gem: Southwest Airlines flight attendant #JobsForTorts

— Dejan Kovacevic(@Dejan_Kovacevic) May 29, 2013

#jobsfortorts dancing w/ the stars. “F**k you judges, you worse than the NHL refs”

— Michael C. Gill (@filteru2) May 29, 2013

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