Louisville coach Rick Pitino tells a player to ‘Wake the f@#$ up!’ [Best. GIF. Ever.]

Louisville coach Rick Pitino did not get to the level of coaching he did by simply flopping into a chair and kickin’ it. Nope, Pitino is as victory-hungry as they come, and the camera caught one of his more intense moments against conference rival Syracuse on Saturday.

Of course, some folks might be a bit put off by seeing an old coaching screaming “Wake the f**k up!” at a bunch of teenagers and 20-something year olds.

But the thing is, those folks are party-poopers.

The very best part? Pitino’s unique motivational speech in the middle of the game actually worked. The Cardinals and Russ Smith — the beneficiary of Pitino’s outrage — took care of business on the road in the Carrier Dome, 58-53.

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