Mack Brown was told by trusted source not to recruit Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston introduced himself to the nation on Monday night, pulling off a near-perfect performance against Pitt. The Florida State redshirt freshman completed 25-of-27 passes for 356 yards, four scores and zero interceptions.

It was the type of performance that puts a player on the Heisman map, but if the young-gunner had gotten his way coming out of high school, it would have been in a completely different uniform.

Winston stated recently that had Texas offered him a full ride, he would be playing for the Longhorns right now. That never happened, and UT coach Mack Brown has immediately come under fire for failing to bring Winston to Austin.

On Tuesday, the national championship-winning coach talked to Jim Rome regarding the situation regarding Winston in 2011. You can watch the full video here, but the pertinent portion has been transcribed below.

“Number one, he’s a great player and we would have liked to have had him, so let’s get that straight, Jim. Even though Alabama is not a hotbed for Texas recruiting, and Alabama and Auburn were winning national championships at that time – and he played great last night so that was good – I think somebody pulled out a tweet from 2011 and I was thinking about BYU this morning not what we could have recruited two years ago. We were going through some staff changes. Greg Davis had just left as offensive coordinator, Bryan Harsin had just come in. There was an all-star game in early January and I do remember it very vividly that the young man called with some interest. Bryan Harsin talked to him, and I had someone that was very close to the situation that I really really trusted that knew exactly what was going on and I said should we bring him in? They said, ‘Absolutely not. It’s a two-horse horse race. It’s down to Florida State – who he’s committed to – and Alabama. you’re not going to be able to get in it. I think you just need to stay out of it.’ that’s what we did. Did we want him? Yes. Would we have taken him? Yes, but I had someone very close to it that I really, really trusted and they told me he was going to Florida State … probably Alabama might get in but you’re not going to and that’s what ended up happening so I have to believe that was that case.

“And Jim, I like to think that a lot of people do like the University of Texas, so a lot of ‘em talk about us and a lot of ‘em say they’d like to come. A lot of ‘em like to visit but sometimes it’s hard to get those national guys to come.”

We will never fully know just how Winston’s Texas recruitment went down, but we are pretty sure Longhorn Nation isn’t happy after watching Monday night’s showcase from the redshirt freshman and then hearing his statements on the lack of an offer. Add in the fact that Texas fans had to watch RGIII bring home a Heisman Trophy at Baylor (Brown allegedly recruited him to play DB), as well as Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M, and you have to imagine there are some unhappy folks in burnt orange this week.

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