Matt Flynn has over $16 million in career earnings

Matt Flynn has made a lot of money for being a backup quarterback. According to Darren Rovell, entering Thanksgiving Day, Flynn had earned over $16 million.

$16,417,293: Money Matt Flynn has been paid in his NFL career through this week.

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) November 28, 2013

For fun, here are some stats to show how his payments break down. Entering his third start as a Packers quarterback, facing the Detroit Lions, Flynn has made:

  • $1,492,481.18 per touchdown
  • $410,432.33 per game played in
  • $126,286.87 per completion
  • $77,807.08 per attempt
  • $10,612.34 per yard

After the game, as Matt Flynn reflects on everything he is thankful for, let’s hope he remembers his agent.

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