Miami Heat unveil two new alternate uniforms for 2013-14 season

The Miami Heat provided a sneak peek of two new alternate uniforms (perhaps one for each of the last two NBA championships?) the team will be sporting during the 2013-14 season.

One is an all-red look featuring a brighter red “Heat” across the torso and a smallish numeral on the left side. There is also a secondary logo near the left knee. The entire look, as modeled by Dwayne Wade, is bordered with two thin white stripes.

LeBron James is rocking a set of black alternates which will be worn at some point during the upcoming season. These threads are a throwback to the days of Harold Minor and Dan Majorle, but with a few tweaks, the major one coming in the form of an all-white “Heat” across the chest. Finally, the number is far larger than on the reds and features a red shadowing.

Check out the final member of the Heat’s Big 3, Chris Bosh, modeling both the all-red and old-school black in his portion of Miami’s 2013-14 intro video.

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[H/T: Bleacher Report]

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