Giancarlo Stanton’s Moonshot Homer Topped By Fan’s Incredible Bare-Hand Snag

Giancarlo Stanton is not human — can confirm. It’s not even the fact that he’s hit 11 home runs and driven in 36 rbi’s so far. It’s not even that he’s hit four home runs in his last four games. It’s the ferocity, raw power, and effortless motion he displays when catapulting moonshot after moonshot into the bleachers, of which we can only determine to have resulted from radioactive exposure as a child.

He’s basically a superhero.

But, as much as we can rant and rave about his supernatural ability to transform baseballs into satellites, his most recent home run led to his thunder being stolen by a fan on Saturday.

Watch as Stanton belts this pitch to dead center field. It’s a thing of beauty.

Now watch it again and look for the fan who bare hands the rocketing baseball like he’s got velcro on his palm.

ICYMI: @Giancarlo818 demolished a HR, and this fan caught it barehanded:

— Cut4 (@Cut4) May 17, 2015

He laughs about it like it’s nothing. He must be the Giancarlo Stanton of baseball fans.

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