Most Unbreakable American Sports Records Of All Time

In America, we love achievement. If not for the personal sense of accomplishment, then for the ability to rub our greatness in the face of others like a boss.

There are many sports records that have been broken that no one thought would happen. People didn’t think anyone would break Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games played streak, but Cal Ripken Jr. said, “I got this.” Roger Maris’s home run streak, Dan Marino’s passing records…all have fallen by someone later.

That doesn’t mean all of them are going to fall, though. Here’s some of the records still standing in American sports that, quite frankly, aren’t going to fall any time soon or ever.

Walter Johnson Throws 110 Shutouts

Especially in the current state of baseball which is all about offense, that would mean a pitcher would need to throw five shutouts a season for 22 years. How many players, much less pitchers, go for that long now?

Cy Young Wins 511 Games

See above explanation. That’s a twenty-win season for over twenty-five years. Case closed.

Joe DiMaggio Hits In 56 Consecutive Games

It’s been contested before, but this one is going to stay put for a while. DiMaggio played in a time with less teams and, thus, less pitchers to study for. He saw the same teams and pitchers multiple times during this streak, so he knew their pitches.

Wilt Chamberlain Scores 100 Points In A Game

Don’t get me wrong, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are going to try their hardest to accomplish this feat before it’s all said and done. But this record goes back to the argument of being at a time where Wilt didn’t have to face the kind of defenses that anyone in today’s game does.

Jerry Rice’s Career Receiving Yards Record

Over his career, the greatest receiver in NFL history (yeah, I said it) gained 22,895 yards. Second place on the list is SEVEN THOUSAND YARDS BEHIND THAT. Receivers now are happy with one thousand yard seasons and are afraid to go over the middle, so this one is safe.

Boston Celtics Win Eight Straight Titles

The great teams of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s could only win three in a row (for a variety of reasons). That’s not even half the streak this Boston squad put together, led by (in my opinion) the greatest player/coach combination in league history, with Bill Russell and Red Auerbach.

Oklahoma’s 47 Game Win Streak

The longest win streak over the last half-century is 35 by Toledo…and that’s still a whole regular season behind what the Sooners did. Even two of the greatest teams of the last quarter century (USC 2004 and Miami 2001) were still part of win streaks a full regular season behind Oklahoma’s 47.

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