Austin Rivers Talked Smack About The USA Basketball Roster

Backup point guard Austin Rivers was probably in a pretty bad mood while he was watching the Blue vs. White Team USA scrimmage on Thursday night.

If you’re wondering, this was the roster.

You’ll notice that despite being on Team USA, names like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony aren’t on there, because they can do whatever they like and play when they feel like it. What we’re left with is not so notable names like Draymond Green, Arron Afflalo and Mason Plumlee. This angered Rivers.

Yeah, that’s Rivers basically saying that squad of Team USA is bad and he deserves to be in there over some of those guys.

His tweet caught fire and he quickly backtracked.

Austin, what does it say that Mike Krzyzewski, your college basketball coach, is the head coach of that team and he didn’t pick you to be on it?

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