Joakim Noah’s Attempt To Explain The Cardale Jones Beef Is Even Funnier

Maybe Joakim Noah didn’t mean what he said to Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones during Wendesday night’s Bulls-Cavs game. Or maybe Noah didn’t actually say what everyone thinks he said. Or maybe he’s just trying to bullish*t all of us.

Whatever the case may be, Noah is attempting to clear the air, which could also be taken as even more trash talk depending how you look at it.

According to Noah, he had no clue who Jones was last night. He was just simply trying to introduce himself from the bench – standup move.

Noah on Cardale Jones: “I didn’t even know who he was until this morning.”

— Vincent Goodwill (@vgoodwill) May 7, 2015

Noah on the exchange with the fan: “I was just saying hello.”

— Vincent Goodwill (@vgoodwill) May 7, 2015

Good thing we were all born yesterday. It’s not like Ohio State has a history of beefing with Florida, Noah’s former team. Or that the Gators went head-to-head on the football field and basketball court for national dominance during Noah’s time in Gainesville. No way the longstanding rivalry Ohio State and the Big Ten have with the SEC had anything to do with this.

Honest mistake, Joakim. Must have read your lips wrong.

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