Sports Anchors, Writers Take Shots At Kardashian Family Over Lamar Odom Situation

They may be the most polarizing family in the entire world, and the Kardashians are back in the news for something that is far from pleasant.

When the news broke that Lamar Odom, a NBA Champion who just happened to be married at one time to a member of the family, was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel and is fighting for his life, some sources called him a “Kardashian reality star”.

That has set off plenty of people in the sports world, including ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, who commented on the subject during Wednesday night’s SportsCenter:

Yahoo! Sports NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski spoke on the subject as well:

In recent days too, the Kardashians refused to stop exploiting Odom on that reality show, turning what appeared to be a lost soul in crisis reaching out to his ex-wife only to have his phone calls manufactured into Khloe-Kim argument fodder for one more dreadful episode.

So, Khloe ended up at his bedside in Vegas, with her mother, Kris Jenner, dramatically pacing outside Sunrise Hospital in Vegas … All the way until now, Odom played the part of a prop, a recurring character in the Kardashian cesspool.

Truth be told, the Kardashians transformed Odom’s frailties and flaws into a societal fascination. Around the Lakers, they would always tell you that the scrutiny of the show played a part in his undoing, that it made a largely shy and private guy far more exposed and vulnerable than he ever imagined. Privately, Odom would tell friends that he never imagined the impact that an entanglement with the Kardashians’ glare would have on his existence.

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