Video Shows Amari Cooper Running A Faster 40 Than Kevin White

Amari Cooper had a solid 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine on Saturday. He clocked in with an official time of 4.42 seconds. That time was good for the seventh best ever at Lucas Oil Stadium.

His main competition at the combine was West Virginia’s Kevin White. White was officially clocked with a 4.35 second time.

The problem is, when the NFL Network did a simulcast of Amari Cooper, Kevin White and DeVonte Parker (4.45) all running at the same time, the race ended with Cooper (#9) ahead of White (#43) with Parker (#35) coming in last. Ignore what Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock are saying on the commentary because they have the players mixed up.

I’m not sure how precise the Gatorade Simulcam is, but according to the video above, Cooper ran a faster 40-yard dash than Kevin White.

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