Arian Foster Clarifies His $50K Payment Comments

With the flames of controversy licking at his heels, Arian Foster has somewhat backtracked on comments he made in a recent interview with Dan LeBatard. When questioned Thursday on how much he was paid in impermissible benefits while at the University of Tennessee, Foster responded with, “40, 50 grand throughout my entire career.”

Following the interview, one of Foster’s former college teammates, Ryan Karl, disputed the claims on Facebook.

Via the Knoxville News Sentinel:

“So Arian Foster I gotta call you out here,” Karl wrote. “You’re my boy, but you did not get $40-50k from boosters while at UT. Shoot, you were as broke as me in college driving a crap car living in a crap apartment – like us all. Also, these claims of being wined and dined by agents is a big stretch too. You are a baller now but at the time, you were a risky pick with who ended up being a free agent. Quit trying to grab attention while throwing your school under the bus.”

After his comments started gathering steam on Friday, Foster hit Twitter to clarify. He didn’t deny getting paid, though, as Karl stated, stepped back from the $50,000 comment, chalking it up to a joke.

After clearing up his $50K comment, Foster dug his heels in on the belief that college players (all employees, really) should be compensated for their work.

From there, Foster had a rollicking debate with fans over the merits of pay for play, whether he’s a Tennessee turncoat, and what the definition of “labor” is. Considering that he’s trending on the Internet and that Vols fans are at Defcon “PROTECT THIS HOUSE” right now, it’s worth a trip over to Foster’s feed to flip through the madness.

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