Bears Tight End Criticizes Brother’s Comments Regarding NFL Quarterback, JFK’s Murder

The two Bennett brothers playing in the NFL are known for a couple things: a high level of play and speaking their minds no matter the subject are just two of those traits.

Following the Seattle Seahawks’ win over the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football two weeks ago, Seattle’s Michael Bennett made some … “interesting” comments when he said he didn’t like Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford because the signal caller is from the Dallas, Texas area, where President John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963. Never mind the fact that Stafford was born almost 26 years after the assassination.

Michael’s brother, Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, doesn’t agree with his brother at all and called Michael out for his comments while complimenting Stafford:

“He’s an a–h—,” Martellus Bennett said, jokingly. “Yeah, yeah, both of them probably are but I’m talking about my brother in that instant. I think it’s funny. Mike’s just a funny guy. Stafford probably wasn’t even born yet.”

“Every time I talked to him (Stafford) he’s always been nice to me, so I don’t blame him for anything.”

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