Bengals Head Coach: I Will Retire If Team Wins Super Bowl 50

For those fans of the Cincinnati Bengals who have been wanting a change in the coaching staff, the solution has finally become clear: win the Super Bowl!

Head coach Marvin Lewis, who has turned around a franchise that was one of the league’s worst and turned them into a playoff caliber squad of late, told reporters that if the team brings home the title, he is done:

“I want to hand Mike the trophy,” Lewis said Tuesday, via the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Paul Daugherty, “then just walk away.”

“I know what’s important to him (owner Mike Brown), he knows what’s important to me,” Lewis explained. “Not (about) players, not necessarily football. The evolution of the building, the transition we’ve made.”

“We’re good enough,” Lewis said, “but we have to play good enough.”

It’s been 24 years since the Bengals have even won a post-season game, so it might be a tad far fetched to purchase tickets for Santa Clara anytime soon. That being said, this isn’t the laughingstock that existed during the 1990’s. One thing is for sure: if the Bengals yet again go one and done in the postseason, someone is going to be gone. It could be Lewis or quarterback Andy Dalton.

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