Cam Newton Shows Versatility, Plays Receiver During Tournament

During his time leading Auburn to a national title (and his time both at Florida and in the JUCO level) we saw Cam Newton run with the ball plenty. Whether it was scrambling for his life or a designed run, Newton has no problem getting into the open field and getting his body dirty.

That apparently also includes playing a little wide receiver when needed. But we’re not talking about Carolina Panthers training camp. No, Cam split out and ran some routes during a flag football tournament this weekend in Atlanta:

Facebook / 2015 Fallen Warriors Invitational

There is video of him running a comeback route you can see by clicking here. Not to be critical, but Cam should have been called for a false start penalty on this play.

I’m not sure the Panthers are going to be thrilled at seeing their star player running routes during a flag football game, but I don’t think he cares all that much.

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