Daniel Tosh Does Comedy Show Wearing Aaron Hernandez Jersey

Daniel Tosh has made a career out of offending people. And to his credit, he’s been pretty successful because of his lack of caring. I mean, the dude is the epitome of “ballsy.”

He says and does things on his show, Tosh.O, that continuously blur the line dividing the offensive from the acceptable.

But Tosh took things a little too far recently. On his comedy tour “The Great Nor’easter Tour of 2015,” Tosh showed up in Boston to do a show in uncalled for attire.

Daniel Tosh walks on stage tonight with an Aaron Hernandez jersey. pic.twitter.com/l15VmiBqDr

— Toucher and Rich (@Toucherandrich) June 19, 2015

Like I said before, Tosh has always been one to embrace controversy, but he took things a little too far this time. Aaron Hernandez is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole after being convicted of first-degree murder.

Odin Lloyd’s life was tragically taken, and his family will never have the chance to tell him they love him again. Yet, Tosh somehow believed wearing a Hernandez New England Patriots jersey would not only be accepted but would be comical to at least one person.

A move like this is simply tasteless. There are times to push boundaries, and there are times to grow the hell up and realize what is acceptable. I’m sure he lost some fans after that.

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