Clay Matthews Hits Russell Wilson With Nasty Crackback Block

With some reports saying a decision could be handed down by the end of this week, the Tom Brady “Deflate-Gate” scandal seems to be coming to an end. However, the details surrounding if his four-game suspension will stand are still coming out. While it seems as if a settlement between the NFLPA, who wants a fine but no suspension for Brady, and the NFL don’t seem to be coming true, one reporter is claiming to know a reason why the league isn’t willing to play ball.

In the first minutes of ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday morning, Stephen A. Smith dropped the news from his sources that a decision might come sooner (within 24-48 hours) and then dropped this little nugget about Brady’s cooperation:

If that is proven to be true, it would shed another negative light on Brady, who has claimed all along he had nothing to do with the deflating of balls despite the mounting evidence against him.

Those around Brady’s camp and the New England Patriots are not aware of such a claim:

It looks like Roger Goodell is determined to use this case to offset the negative PR that came with scandals involving Ray Rice and Greg Hardy. How much the NFLPA and the Patriots will fight is going to be the big question.

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