Lovie Smith Has Strong Response To Bobby Bowden’s Comments On Jameis Winston

Legendary Florida State coach Bobby Bowden livened up the offseason on Tuesday during an interview with Paul Finebaum. Bowden, who built Florida State’s program into a national power, confirmed Finebaum’s thought that former quarterback Jameis Winston was an embarrassment to FSU.

“I think it’s a consensus among Florida State fans and boosters that he was an embarrassment in a lot of ways to the university,” Bowden stated.

It didn’t take long for Winston’s new camp to respond to Bowden’s comments. On Wednesday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith expressed real disappointment.

“I’m disappointed. To say that the young man is an ’embarrassment?’ That’s pretty strong,” stated Smith. “I just don’t think he’s speaking for all of Florida State, even though he’s in an official role there. Normally, what we’re doing today with our greats you (embrace) them. Everybody on the outside may be throwing stones at them. Normally, when you’re in a family you don’t do that. I’m very disappointed that somebody like that would make that type of statement.’

“We do not see (Winston) as an embarrassment by any means. He meant an awful lot to Florida State. I would never say that. The essential people at Florida State we talked to and no one said (Winston) was an embarrassment. It was the complete opposite starting with Jimbo Fisher, their current football coach. That’s why I say I can’t believe it.”

Despite the troubles Winston had off the field at FSU, Tampa Bay did its due diligence with the former Heisman winner and chose him to be the future of the franchise. If anyone knows how Florida State feels about Winston, it’s Smith and the Buccaneers.

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