VIDEO: Packers Teammates Get Into Physical Altercation On Sideline

After three quarters against the Carolina Panthers, it’s safe to assume that the Green Bay defense was fed up with their performance.

The Packers had just given up 30 points until that point and on the sideline, some of the frustration leaked out.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix went to talk to linebacker and 14-year veteran Julius Peppers, but whatever he was saying to Peppers didn’t go over well with defensive end B.J. Raji, who immediately got between the two and pushed Clinton-Dix back.

Clintox-Dix didn’t react to being pushed, instead he just walked away after the altercation.

You have to wonder if this was a case of Clinton-Dix, a second-year player possibly overstepping his bounds by accusing a 14-year vet of something.

The Packers scored 14 points in the final quarter but it wasn’t enough to stop the Panthers, who are now 8-0 and one of four undefeated teams.

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