Patriots Recruited John F. Kennedy To Play Receiver While In Office

There are many stories that have come out of Super Bowl 49 week. From Marshawn Lynch to Deflate-Gate, it sure has been easy pickings for sports writers (which some miss because they are too busy filling their faces with the free grub…I did the same thing during SB 44).

The following may be one of the best ones.

A letter has been released showing the then-Boston Patriots of the American Football League recruiting someone to play wide receiver for them. The team had finished the inaugural season of the AFL with a record of 5-9 and needed some help on offense. So, head coach Lou Saban (no relation to Nick) sent a letter to a former college wideout… a Boston native who, at the time, was living in Washington, D.C. and “working for the government”:

Ok… few things. First, this is hilarious to me that they would do this. It was almost the same thing as when my wife and I invited President and Mrs. Obama to our wedding, knowing full well it wasn’t going to happen. Second, were they really that desperate that they wanted someone who only had experience with Ivy League “touch” football? And third, as much as I don’t like the Patriots (being a Dolphins fan), the old school Patriots uniforms and helmets are some of the best ever.

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