Rex Ryan Admits Who Will Win The AFC East

Bills head coach Rex Ryan is not delusional when it comes to the AFC East. He recently admitted that his team is only competing for a wild card spot, and that – like most years – the Patriots will be at the top of the AFC East.

The Bills are taking on the New England Patriots on Monday and Ryan addressed the media about the implications this game will have. A win for the Bills would be huge as it will help them stay in the playoff hunt, but it doesn’t seem like a realistic feat against the undefeated Pats.

“Right now we’re second in the division. We’re gonna do whatever we can. Does that give us the opportunity to win the division? No. They’re gonna win the division. I don’t see them losing four games. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it happening.”
– Rex Ryan, Bills Head Coach

When asked if Ryan was conceding the AFC East to the Patriots he responded:

“No, I’m just telling you the facts. The only thing I’m focusing on is beating them right now, on Monday night. And we ain’t conceding that, I promise you.”

It’s no surprise the Patriots will win the AFC East, but it does seem like a shock to hear it coming from the mouth of Rex Ryan himself.

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