Ray Lewis Unleashes On Baltimore Riots In Fiery Video

With rioters and looters burning Baltimore to the ground, Ray Lewis has released a string of tweets and one fiery video to stop the madness. Though there are many non-violent protesters in Charm City, much of the violence has appeared to come from an angry and reactive youth far disassociated from the backlash over Freddie Gray’s death. In his video, Lewis calls for the kids to go home and reiterates what many have said in the wake of these riots: that the city’s systemic problems cannot and will not be cured by way of unfiltered aggressions.

Not sure what impact the rantings of a retired football player seated in his living room will have on an unruly mob, though it’s one more part of the never-boring intersection of sports and the real world. Especially with somebody so closely associated with a city as Lewis. For the sake of the Baltimore community, hopefully it doesn’t get lost amongst the din.

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