Notre Dame SID responds to Jadeveon Clowney’s blocking sled flip, must be tired of the SEC

Above is the photo of South Carolina superstar Jadeveon Clowney and teammate Gerald Dixon flipping over a blocking sled during the very first day of fall training camp. The video has gone viral, as most fans frothing at the mouth for any and all football see this as a pretty impressive feat.

But not everyone is ready to drop to their knees and bow to the otherworldly talent that is Clowney. In fact, Notre Dame sports information director Michael Bertsch was so sick of hearing about another SEC powerhouse that he felt compelled to tweet out a video of one of his own players flipping over a sled – twice.


Troy Niklas is indeed 6-foot-7 and 270 pounds. He is expected to play a big-time role at tight end following the departure of star pass-catcher Tyler Eifert. While the nation may not know too much about him, his Fighting Irish teammates already call him “Hercules” and Bertsch’s video pretty much shows us all why.

The young man is obviously a beast, but here’s the thing: Clowney has already been doing it big for two years and the buildup for his junior season is reaching crazy levels. Fans are craving to see whatever he can do.

If this video is the first of things to come from Niklas, Bertsch won’t have to tweet anything out – fans will be searching for it, just like we’ve been doing for Clowney highlights over the past two plus years.

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